Hourly Rates for Local Moves:

Hourly rates listed below only pertain to moves within 40 miles of the Round Rock and Austin, TX area. These moves are considered short distance moves and include moving professionals, trucks, moving pads, dollies, tools for beds and furniture assembly, insurance and shrink wrap. Accurate Firefighter Movers has no hidden fees so you can rest assured that you will not incur extra hidden charges. Local rates are as follows:

  • 2 Professional Movers and 1 Truck - $100 per hour
  • 3 Professional Movers and 1 Truck - $150 per hour
  • 4 Professional Movers and 1 Truck - $200 per hour
  • Extra truck for local moves is $100 per day
  • Trucks for out of town moves exceeding 40 miles will be calculated by loaded mile

Each professional mover over 4 is an additional $45 per hour per mover

If you think your move does not qualify as local, please fill out our Quote Request Form here.






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